Children’s Rides


T Cups, Cup n Saucers

The  Cup and Saucer ride is designed to for the younger age group, but can ride adults too. It can be set up in about 40 mins, and is fully illuminated with flashing lights. Ideal for fetes, galas and birthdays parties. Seats upwards of 20 children and measures 16 feet in diameter.

Toy-town Roundabout

Built just after the war by ride manufacturer Jacksons then follow by other manufacturer’s as it was a very popular ride. This ride features  /  toys /  bikes / animals /  pedal cars for  Children who can also ride in the double decker bus, or on the motorcycles  making this ride ideal for shows . Requires a space of 20ft diameter and rides approximately 25 children.

Chair-o-Planes Ride

Feel as free as a bird as you fly through the sky on our Chair-O-Planes, it as always been a favourite and is just as exciting today as it was way back. This is our most travelled ride. It appears at most steam rallies in the country and has been working hard for most of its life. This ride has been featured on TV many times,  and adds an instant atmosphere to any event. The Chair-O-Planes ride seats 20 children and requires 24 feet in diameter for the swing

Space Train Ride

The space train ride, still as popular as it was when it was made, and as popular as when we were a kids.The ride carry’s 16 children in 5 rocket shaped cars the travel on an oval track adults can also ride on this ride.

Galloping Horses Carousel 

The most popular fairground attraction of all time.  the children’s carousel is an eye catching centrepiece for any party or event, the Carousel with it’s galloping horses has entertained crowds at fairgrounds since the reign of Queen Victoria, and the history of this wonderful ride goes back even further, requires a space of 25ft diameter and rides 20 children

Mini Ferris Wheel

Mini Ferris wheel a scaled down version of the large Ferris wheel, this mini wheel is an ideal alternative for those with limited space, or smaller children. It provides the fun and the view you associate with the Ferris wheel at a fraction of the cost and space. This ride carry’s 24 children and requires a space of  22ft long by 16ft wide

Trampolines six bed

Bungee Trampolines

Water Balls

Zorb ball’s

Mini Roundabout


Formula Cars

Fun House

Mirror Maze

Go Gator Runaway Gator

Inflatable Bouncy Castle

Inflatable Slides

Astro-glide slide

Jumping Jack

Mini Wheel


Runaway Train

Soft Play with slides, balls and more

Swing boats